Friday, November 27, 2009

3 Turkeys!!!

I can't believe I cooked another 20 pound turkey today but we were all out of turkey meat. I fed 26 people for dinner last night and then the kids had more friends over later and made sandwiches. I also packed a bag of leftovers for Megan and Darrin. We smoked a 13 pound turkey stuffed with apples, celery and onions and we roasted a 20 pounder in the oven. Lauren made up a brine with garlic and molasses for the big turkey and then rubbed it with a chili compound butter. It was awesome!! My sister Amy made wonderful mashed sweet potato casserole with a pecan sugar crunch. (recipe posted earlier in the week on this blog)
My sister Missy made Puala Dean's pumpkin pie that has half and half and cream cheese in it and Mom made a lime and pear molded salad and make ahead mashed potatoes. It's a group effort and it's a fabulous dinner. Because I have a hurt knee Chef Lauren kind of took over in the kitchen and did a PERFECT JOB!!! Patrick brought Emilio, Marika and Daisy home for a few days. Megan and Darrin could only come for the day because they had to work the day before and the day after Thanksgiving.
I forgot one thing!! Lauren started the dinner off with a delicious homemade Butternut Squash Ginger soup!!! The Chef was rocking Thanksgiging. Thanks for eveyrone's help.....GREAT JOB CHEF LAUREN!!!

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  1. Thanksgiving dinner was amazing! Thanks for the invite and all the good food and good cheer. If only my sweet potatoes made the cut!