Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today is the first day of my Aunt KiKi blog. I want this to be a celebration of the people I love - family and friends - scrapbooking ideas, photos and recipes. I want to show and tell all things creative. I want to talk about new scrapbooking products, show fun pages and share my favorite blogs of popular scrapbook editors and other creative people. I have a few blogs I look at on a regular basis and I want to share those with you. They have been a great source of ideas and inspiration.

Alot is happening in the next few months. My oldest is getting married, my one kid guy is beginning his stint with Billie Elliott and my youngest is graduating from JJC's culinary arts program. Everyone is going in a different direction but me. I am here at home working at JJC in the day and hanging out with the world's biggest naughtiest most lovable labrador in the evenings and weekends.

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  1. I am your first follower feeling! I love you and your blog will be awesome! Can't wait to see what's new with you every day!!! xoxox